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Multi-talented, hardworking and driven, Kenneth II is a native of Jackson, Mississippi. Fashion is a part of Kenneth’s DNA. From styling, model coaching and events production, he is entangled in the world of Fashion.

At age 15, Kenneth began modeling in local/surrounding area fashion events, styling for photo-shoots, and assisting in production for fashion events. Understanding his talents in multiple areas, Kenneth was adamant about creating a brand that allowed him to everything he loved, fashionably. In 2012, Kenneth partnered with Sandra Howard & Company, as the Fashion Events Producer and produced two successful fashion events. Understanding his vision for the fashion world, Kenneth’s networking systems grew elaborately allowing him to style for a plethora of fashion events, co-produce fashion events, cast and coach models for events and most importantly, learn & gain hands on fashion knowledge. Though Kenneth had been working in fashion for a while, it wasn’t until May 2013, that he launched fashion company, K. Marsh II. The company made its debut with sold out fashion event, Made for A Runway I.

“I enjoy simplifying the lives of my clients. They don’t worry about a thing—they just don’t. They each experience moments that make them feel like no one else exists & that’s my ultimate goal. It’s simple though… It Never feels like work!" 


Kenneth II invested in the brand and set the bar for Fashion Events in the state of Mississippi. In 2014, Kenneth produced Made for A Runway II: Fashion Weekend, the state capitol’s first fashion weekend.

Kenneth’s has developed a diverse client portfolio over the years.His most recent business venture is #KMarshII’s Style House, Mississippi's luxury, one stop branding & fashion powerhouse. 


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